Increase mental clarity

Good sleep is necessary for the proper functioning of our mind every day, as during this time our brain processes and organizes the information and memories it receives throughout the day. To be refreshing, sleep must last at least 7-9 hours and be done in the right conditions, in a quiet room, without a dimly lit TV and on a suitable mattress. It is important not to use mobile phones and tablets before going to bed as the light radiation from the screen causes significant fatigue the next day. Sleep becomes better if it has been preceded by reading a book or listening to relaxing music.

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of our mental clarity. Our diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, contain mainly olive oil as a fat source, include lots of fatty fish (a source of Omega-3 fatty acids), little dairy, eggs and poultry and much less red meat and processed foods (snacks, junk food, burgers). Specific foods such as chocolate, yogurt, sunflower seeds, hot peppers, sweet potatoes, and royal jelly have been shown to increase mental clarity. The diet should also be rich in vitamins C, E and B (mainly B12) and trace elements such as magnesium and zinc. These micromolecular substances strengthen brain cells and improve the functioning of our nervous system.

In recent years, the action of certain plants, such as gingko biloba, has been studied, with a positive effect on brain function. Alcohol should always be consumed in moderation because apart from its abuse making us dysfunctional, it has been proven to cause encephalopathy. Moderate caffeine intake (up to 3 cups per day) also contributes to the activation of the central nervous system, increases alertness, reduces the feeling of fatigue and improves mental functions.

“Healthy mind in a healthy body”. Daily physical exercise improves our brain functions and contributes to the good health of the brain vessels. Exercise should include about 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week over 5 or 7 days. It helps even more if we can exercise with sports activities in nature, such as running, trekking, swimming and cycling. . In the natural environment the mind calms down and receives stimuli that detoxify it (rustling leaves, sound of waves in the sea).

But apart from our body, our brain also needs training. Engaging in a mental exercise every day, such as reading books and newspapers, solving crosswords or Sudoku, building a puzzle or solving a riddle helps our mental health. Also an exercise that has been proven to expand the abilities of our mind is to try to learn to write with the “not good” hand. It is useful to try to remember from memory certain things during the day, such as shopping for the supermarket, some phone numbers of close friends and some appointments from our daily schedule.

We also need to learn to manage stress. Organizing our work with a daily schedule, avoiding stressful situations and people, looking for a calm workplace are extremely important. We must set limits on both the length and quantity of our work and try to stick to them.

Angelos P. Karatzaferis, Specialist Pathologist/ Scientific Associate for the GET WELL Natural Corner service
Excellent Graduate of the School of Medicine of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Specialty in Internal Pathology at the Pathological Physiology Clinic of the University of Athens