• Reduce daily stress and take time to take care of your body.

• Take care of your teeth and mouth daily and visit your dentist regularly.

• Do not put your hands in your mouth, especially if you have not washed them properly before. Likewise, don’t put pens or other germ-carrying objects in your mouth.

• Adopt a healthy and complete diet, with foods rich in vitamins and iron.

• If you smoke, stop smoking.

• Avoid spicy foods, as well as citrus fruits if you often get canker sores.

• If the canker sores do not “calm down” after 1-2 weeks seek medical advice.

• Use timely topical antiseptic solutions to relieve symptoms.

Angelos P. Karatzaferis, Specialist Pathologist/ Scientific Associate for the GET WELL Natural Corner service
Excellent Graduate of the School of Medicine of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Specialty in Internal Pathology at the Pathological Physiology Clinic of the University of Athens